Best Geiger Counters Review

10. Professional Geiger Counter Dosimeter of the SOEKS Quantum 2 Military Grade radiation detector
GCA-07W Professional Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detection Monitor
Quantum is a highly reliable personal radiation dosimeter for precise doses and background radiation measuring the dose rate. The measurement range is 0.03 Ð 1,000 uSv / h or 3 Ð 100,000 uR / h in just 10 seconds (the best in its class). This pocket Geiger counter can continuously monitor the radiation environment for up to 999 days and work continuously up to 700 hours and alert the user if the pre-set dose and dose rate limits are exceeded. Quantum is designed for the wide range of radiological safety applications and can be used successfully by radiation control services personnel, first response personnel, security and customs services employees, as well as personnel whose work includes solving gamma problems local and beta and X-rays. detection of radiation sources or individual objects contaminated by sources of gamma and / or beta radiation. There is also the possibility of transferring historical dosimetric, radiometric and spectrometric data and accumulated doses to a common base and the generation of a unified report for its subsequent revision to the SOEKS device. Administrator software. The distinctive characteristics of the device, the identification of fast and reliable ionized radiation from radioactive sources, the measurement of the accumulated dose make Quantum by SOEKS complete the multifunctional complex to solve a wide range of problems of radiation control and guarantee safety of radiation. Tested and calibrated by Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation and does not require additional calibration. The dosimeters of radiation detectors are intended to be used by anyone who is concerned about radiological safety issues. The range of users varies from specialists in radiological safety and physical health to the general public.

9. GCA-07W Professional Geiger Counter Monitor for nuclear radiation detection with digital meter

The Geiger GCA-07W counter has an external rod that contains a LND 712 GM tube. The external rod facilitates the search for radioactivity in materials and surfaces. The applications of this Geiger counter are an education for classroom demonstrations and nuclear experiments; Emergency services and national preparation for nuclear accidents and others.

8. International Medcom Radalert 100X Radiation Detection Instrument Geiger Counter,

The Radalert 100X is a general purpose geiger counter that measures alpha, beta, gamma and X radiation. The Radalert 100X features a three-second update and a utility menu that allows you to change the default settings for various operating parameters. Your digital liquid crystal display (LCD) shows the current radiation level in your choice of SI units (microsieverts per hour) from 0,000 to 1,100 and counts per minute (CPM) from 0 to 350,000 or accounts per second (CPS) of 0 to 3,500. For users of conventional units mR / hr (milliroentgens per hour) from 0.000 to 110 and CPM are optional in the Utilities Menu. This instrument also offers a cumulative total and a timer function of up to 9,999,000 accounts and 40 hours. Consult for more information before using. You really would love it

7. GQ GMC-320-Plus Counter Geiger Nuclear Radiation Detection Beta Beam Gamma X-ray test

With the newly designed digital Geiger counter and data recorder, and records the radiation data, GQ GMC-320 has data recording automatically and can be played later. This can open the communication protocol so that the support of the powerful radiation network is easier. Includes a technical support forum on the GQ Electronics website. The GQ GMC-320-Plus digital Geiger counter is the latest model developed by GQ Electronics LLC, USA. UU With an improved version of GMC-300E plus, it has larger internal flash memory to facilitate data processing capacity. It also has a temperature sensor and electronic gyroscope, LCD contrast control, front LED indicator, analog data port output, new type of graph. This product can be used for industrial, commercial or test equipment, such as universities, laboratories, environmental assessment measurement, hospital research, scientific analytical applications, evaluation of antiques, research of testing of construction materials and more. In comparison with other products of the brand, the most outstanding advantages of this product are: to have the most functions and be profitable. Best Geiger Counters Review